Hey, guys. Another week has past and time to change and or remove a letter, how about RIGHT.

Obviously feel free to change it up. But this is kind of an interesting word to see what it might conjure up in people's minds.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

the journey of three men travelling through a post-apocalyptic wilderness called the Zone


Marco Roblin


Dancingbear said...

Looks fantastic Marco.

Might want to think about flipping the drawings horizontally and putting image two first, then image 1.

Reason: You have two guys on the front which are lighter in colour than and also look more in motion so we find our eye drawn to them which puts the movement in that direction. So when we pass to panel two, I feel like they're moving backwards. Reversing them gives the left to right flow a bit more.

Also, you have one of the front guys looking at us which again takes out attention away from the dude on the back which drags the eye to him and gives us right to left movement.

But, you flip them over, and you've got your let to right spot on.

Nice on! I love your rendering style. Very personal.


Marco Roblin said...

Thanks DB ...
In this case was a translation in storyboards of the film STALKER ... and just did limited the work to follow the camera movement and the analysis of the writer of Tarkovski's work. But my work corresponded only to draw.
BTW! Bring me up with storyboards... Thus, my style.

Dancingbear said...

Well it's great stuff. Look forward to seeing more!