Hey, guys. Another week has past and time to change and or remove a letter, how about RIGHT.

Obviously feel free to change it up. But this is kind of an interesting word to see what it might conjure up in people's minds.

All the best! --DB

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kinda crappy, but here ya go. Raar


Rich said...

Nice, big fan of your style man. Been so busy of late havn't had a chance to post anything. Glade to see your continuing on with out me. This site is for everyone to use. I'll post again real soon.

Dancingbear said...

thanks, Rich. The kids head in that drawing is like some kind of tuber, but there ya go :-)

Yeah, I took the initiative on the name thing. Hope to see some more stuff from you soon!

All the best.